Amy Singletary, RDH, BS

Officers of Corporation Vice President

Amy has been a dental hygienist for more than 29 years, treating and educating thousands of patients on good oral health. Seeing patients of all ages, she enjoys the older adult patients the most. They have seen the most changes in oral health care and information, and today’s seniors are living longer and keeping their teeth more than previous generations. Because of this growing need, Amy enjoys volunteering with Illumident, Inc.  ​We address the changes in the mouth, occurring after age 60 and the many products available to treat these changes.

“I feel this is such an important, growing yet underserved population and as a dental hygienist, it is my duty and honor to share my knowledge.”

Congratulations to Amy for being chosen as one of Colgate Oral Health Advisors's (COHA) dental hygienists to serve on the board.  We are so proud of you and glad to have you on our team!

There was only a small group of hygienists chosen to participate and give input on upcoming products from Colgate!